Pàipearan agus taisbeanaidhean

This engagement with the task-based language learning approach along with the pan-European nature of the project has led to further research and collaborative development work within the project team and with the contacts made in the implementation and dissemination of the tasks. 

Participation in scientific meetings and teacher training events

The consortium has been participating in meetings specifically oriented to the dissemination of results and recommendations to keep our international colleagues informed of the latest advances in PETALL. A series of presentations has been given in conferences held at national and international levels, as well as in local teacher training seminars.

Publication of scientific papers

PETALL needs to reach out to a broad community. The privileged way to reach academic people are scientific publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings. The members of the consortium continue to work in the scientific exploitation of the data provided by the implementation of the project and it is our intention to go on adding more titles to the ones that already exist.

Find below our papers and presentations (6 pages).

New Trends in Foreign Language Teaching - PETALL International Conference

Antonio Cantero. ICT-based tasks for secondary students.

New Trends in Foreign Language Teaching - PETALL International Conference

António Lopes. How bold are language teachers? Results of an…

5th Opole Conference (Topics in Applied Linguistics)

Ioannis Karras and Vasiliki Gioldasi. Shifting from a traditional to…

mELTing pot (IATEFL-Hu)

Judit J. Tóth. The PETALL project and the New Trends…

Lecture at the DLLSCM - U. Torino 2015

Elisa Corino. Task-based Learning (PPT).

Think CLIL 2014, Venezia

Elisa Corino. CLIL-oriented cloze test: making holes between language and…


Carla Marello. Dizionari in rete per l'apprendimento delle lingue e…

Ricognizioni - Rivista lingue, letterature e culture moderne

Elisa Corino. Il progetto Europeo PETALL: Buone pratiche por l'insegnamento…


Silvana Mosca et al. 2015. PETALL – Pan European Task Activities for Language Learning: Compiti…

Colloque SIHFLES - 2016

António Lopes & Maria Isabel Orega. Surveying Innovation in the…