Investigación y artículos

Compartir nuestra experiencia y crear conocimiento

Las tareas de PETALL y la información recogida durante la implementación y análisis de las tareas con diferentes grupos de estudiantes se comparte con la comunidad educativa en varios contextos.

This engagement with a task-based learning approach and the pan-European nature of the project has led to further research and collaborative development work within the project team and with the contacts made in the implementation and dissemination of the tasks.

Participation in scientific meetings
The consortium has been participating in meetings specifically oriented to the dissemination of results and recommendations, namely annual conferences held at national level in each of the countries participating in this project and international meetings/workshops, to keep our international colleagues informed of the latest advances in PETALL.

Publication of scientific papers
PETALL needs to reach out a very broad community. The privileged way to reach academic people are scientific publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings. The consortium has been producing papers, a list of which is to be made available soon.

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