Advantages and disadvantages of cell phone

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  • Name: Advantages and disadvantages of cell phone

  • Linguistic dimension

  • CEFR Level: B1
  • Linguistic dimension - Skill(s): Reading / Writing / Speaking/Listening
  • Duration: 2 x 45
  • Target language: English or any other language
  • ICT dimension

  • ICT resources:


  (mobile phone advantages) (mobile phone addiction)

    Power Point or other similar programme (examples of posters and photos, pictures and comics about mobile phone addiction)

     Online dictionaries

    Google images to select

    Windows Movie Maker

    Postermywall (

    Goanimate (


  • ICT competences: 1. Add speech bubbles to a comic strip 2. Share opinions about the topic 3. Present in class using Power Point 4. Make a video using Windows Movie Maker or other similar programme
  • Detailed description of the task

  • Situation / theme(s): Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone addiction
  • Product requirements or prerequisites: In order to implement this lesson, students need computers/ tablets , so that they can use the free software suggested.
  • I can...:
    • write simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest.
    • connect phrases in a simple way in order to describe positive and negative aspects of

    the topic

    • talk about advantages and disadvantages of something
    • deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the language

    is spoken, enter unprepared into a conversation on topics that are familiar, of personal

    interest or pertinent to everyday life (e.g. family, hobbies, work, travel and current events)

    • understand texts that consists mainly of high frequency of everyday or job-related

    language, understand the description of events.

    • Understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar matters regularly 

      encountered in work, school, leisure etc.; understand the main point of may radio

      when the delivery is relatively slow and clear.

  • Product: A poster about advantages or disadvantages of mobile phone use or a comic/video clip about mobile phone addiction.
  • Product requirements or prerequisites:


    In order to implement this lesson, computers/ tablets are necessary for the learners so they can use the free software suggested.

  • Process:



    Introducing the topic – Form groups of 4 students. The teacher writes the following


    1. How much time do you spend on your mobile phone?
    2. What are the mobile phones commonly used for?
    3. What do you know about mobile phone addiction?
    4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone use? Make a list.

    Students answer these questions. They can use their smart phones to search on the

    Play video clip (mobile phone advantages)

    Students watch carefully. In the same groups they add the missing information on their lists.

    Language work – Hand out the script of the video and ask students to find out all the

    linking words.

    Write down the following titles on the board:

    1. Listing : first of all, ____
    2. Contrast: but
    3. Highlighting: _____
    4. Result/Consequence: because, _____ , _____
    5. Concession (something unexpected): though 
      1. Reinforcement: besides, _______ , ________

      Write some new linking words on the board and help students write the linking words under

      the correct title:

      Particularly, moreover, even though, for example, therefore, secondly, however


      Practice – Write the following sentences on the board and ask students to complete

      the sentences. They can use online dictionaries for unknown words.

      1. Though it was an all inclusive holiday, _______________.
      2. Prices decreased 20% last year so ______________.
      3. Desktop computers are cheaper and more reliable than laptops; moreover ______

      Play video clip - (mobile phone addiction)

      Brain Storming – students work in the same groups of four to decide whether to prepare

      a poster about the advantages or disadvantages of mobile phones or   to make a comic strip

      or a video clip about mobile phone addiction.

      Then, they start searching the net on their smart phones to find  appropriate slogans and


      Teacher evaluation – Ask students to use the appropriate linking words in their products.

      Teacher monitors tasks and helps them to decide .  

      All the products can be presented in the class and the students vote for the best one.

      Students complete their tasks. If they need extra time, they can complete them as



  • Division of roles (optional): Group work, individual work
  • Consolidating activities suggested or follow up plan:


    Language work activities:

    Linking words are revised.

  • Success factors or evaluation criteria:


    Students have done it well if they have successfully produced the product and  reach the

     outcome of the lesson ,and if  they have made a considerable use of the suggested ICT tools

     and if they corresponded  well to the CEFRF criteria set for this lesson

  • Authors: Aslı Lüle
  • Acknowledgements: Aslı Tarakçıoğlu
  • Didactic added value of the task and other information

  • Practical hints for teachers:


    Teachers should have tried all these sites and created accounts in order to avoid delays throughout the task.

    Students should have been given time in the weeks before to become familiar with with the aforementioned ICT tools.

    Students should have been given time to familiarise themselves with the aforementioned ICT tools.

  • Additional methodological or didactic comments:


    It is not necessary to use all of the suggested activities, the teacher can choose accordingly.

  • Reasons why this task is a model of best practices:


    It is based on a topic concerned by people of all ages.

  • Impact that it is expected to have on the teaching practices and attitudes:


    There are lots suggestions for user- friendly online tools which teachers can easily adopt and incorporate in their teaching situations.

    Teachers become familiar with the use of TBLT methodology by organising their teaching based on the 3 task


  • Reasons why this task travels well:


    It is based on one of the most popular tools for people of all ages.

    It deals with a topic which concerns people worldwide.

    In every culture people have been dealing with the same problem.

  • Rationale and/or theoretical underpinnings of the task: The lesson is organised in the 3 cycles (pre-task, task, language focus)
  • Preferencial target age group(s): High school students

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