My class school trip

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  • Name: My class school trip

  • Linguistic dimension

  • CEFR Level: B1, B2
  • Linguistic dimension - Skill(s): To propose a move, to make a counteroffer, to support a decision, to argue, to discuss pros and cons of a solution compared to alternative solutions, to agree on a compromise
  • Duration: No. 150 minutes in class; web quest as homework Less than 100 minutes in case of teacher’s pre-processing of websites or 100 minutes of classwork if the task stops at 3rd step.
  • Target language: English
  • ICT dimension

  • ICT resources:


    Required on-line resources. Doodle or similar software able to manage a poll, transports websites, on-line hotel and flight or train reservation and ticketing sites, touristic places sites, museums sites, etc.

    Budget management software

  • ICT competences: Be able to use Doodle, be able to search in databases such as Trivago, Expedia, Opodo, Booking, etc. using advanced search options
  • Detailed description of the task

  • Situation / theme(s): Be flexible travellers ; be able to agree on a compromise
  • I can...:


    B1 Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.

    Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

    B2Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in his/her field of specialisation.

    Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options.


  • Product: A doodle poll with at least two options: place and period of time. Better three: place and period of time, budget limit. A school trip plan which meets the desiderata of a vast majority of classmates
  • Product requirements or prerequisites:



    Wifi connection; more than one computer in order to have team work; clear info about duration and allowed period in the school year. Some flyers (paper or on website) of professional planned trips to the places chosen.


  • Process:


    1st step Some oral informal discussion about place and period of time, budget limit of the trip (10 minutes)

    2nd step To prepare the poll ( if already familiar with doodle 20 minutes; otherwise 30-40minutes)

    Leave some days to answer (students should ask also their families’ opinion). Some websites urls or paper material might circulate in order to help a well-pondered decision

    3rd step To summarize results of the poll in order to prepare a second poll with the two options which gathered a larger approval (20 minutes) The second poll should be prepared by a different group of students assisted by those who prepared the first in order to pass on instructions

    Leave one day or two to answer

    4th step To prepare a daily programme.

    4th step A Collegial discussion about overall design of trip: adopt a professional plan already prepared by travel agent and customise it ( i.e no shopping time, no winery or brewery visit, adapt to class study programme, visit a school or a factory etc.) Decision about support to adopt in order to spread the final programme ( ppt or paper flyer or both) (20 minutes)

    4th step B This work might be divided into small groups of one-three student(s) who prepare each one day in close cooperation in order to avoid two days one after the other too full of engaging visits and overlapping or monotony (30 minutes)

    5th step Pasting the days in a single ppt or paper programme


  • Division of roles (optional): Students who are more versed in digital skills should be distributed in different groups and work together with students more interested in landscape and historical aspects of the trip. Some students might study typical local cooking and prepare a series of menus to be sent to the restaurants including special demands ( celiac persons, no pork, vegetarians, etc.).
  • Consolidating activities suggested or follow up plan:



    Reinforcers Prepare polls on different subject. To be prepared by single students in order to maintain the specific skill ( both software and training in isolating most “rentable” options).

    Exercise aimed at memorizing vocabulary : Cloze on texts dealing with the most important historical monuments

    Reorganisation of descriptions of historical buildings according to size (which is the largest castle we will see? Or we saw, if exercise is proposed after the trip, antiquity, importance in the history of the state visited etc.)

    Exercise aimed at improving pronunciation Role plays in which one students asks how to reach a certain monument and the other answers.


  • Success factors or evaluation criteria:



    . The school trip is an interesting topic which engages and motivates the class.

    Criteria the product must meet for it to be sufficient.

    The poll should be well organized ( good choice of options; ability in finding a compromise) and the results well resumed.

    The trip proposal should be considered according to :

    quality/price ratio

    wise distribution of sightseeing and leisure

    safe commuting time during the travel to and back

    affordable carrier company

    insurance for the trip

    hotel or hostel with good standards (food,cleanliness, etc)


  • Authors: Carla Marello
  • Didactic added value of the task and other information

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