Niederländisches Tandem

    •    Create a Wiki
    •    Getting to know you
    •    Grandmother’s house
    •    Present your town


Portugiesisches Tandem

University of Algarve & Agrupamento de Escolas Alberto Iria
    •    Buying a house
    •    Come and visit my home town
    •    Poor party-Rich party
    •    Web quest on addictions

Serbisches Tandem

    •    Crime Story
    •    History of aviation
    •    Travelling
    •    Nutrition: bread


Türkisches Tandem

Gazi University & Gazi University Foundation Private Secondary School

    •    Advantages and disadvantages of cell phones [+supp. document]
    •    Legend [+supporting document]
    •    Street games [+supporting document]
    •    Water pollution [+supporting document] 


Schottisches Tandem

    •    Documentary about your school
    •    Healthy eating
    •    Planning a trip to Edinburgh
    •    Sports and the Glasgow Games
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